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  • $ 2,000 / 3,000
  • $ 3,000 / 5,000
  • $ 5,000 / 10 K
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We're a creative [ studio ] for small & big companies.


We believe simplicity is the way to user friendly interfaces, our passion for design motivate us to create pixel perfect graphics. We are constantly looking for new creative solutions to the evolving and competitive internet market. Our design solutions covers the physical and digital world.

Apps & Mobile Devices

Evolving technology is helping us to be connected anywhere, the global market is just around the corner, we tap into those markets by developing mobile solutions using the iOS and Android platforms for mobile applications that covers the needs of your business.

Web Development

We transform pixel perfect web design into fully functioning Front-end web sites. We specialise in using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to immerse the user into a future web experience.

Our technology reach spans from building the Back-end (PHP, Python, Ruby) of any web application to tailored Responsive web design that look perfect on any device.

We work with clients all around the globe

We're are Creamscoop: A team of web enthusiast

at Creamscoop we are focussed on creating digital products and services as if it really was Rocket science.

Workings as a digital creative agency, we build unique digital experiences guided by a madly love for craftsmanship and passion for technology. Our team consist in a group of creatives from many backgrounds guided by a same motto:

if we can think it, we can build it
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Founded in 2008